The Sesitec System 2.0 is two-tower straight line cable wakeboard rig which has completely revolutionized the sport of wakeboarding over the last two years. The System 2.0 can be used as a standalone Wake Park, to complement existing boat and cable lakes, for private backyard setups or to take wakeboarding to the heart of huge events and festivals.

It is extremely easy to operate and offers incredible speed control; there is no better tool than a System 2.0 to teach people to wakeboard. The System 2.0 can span lengths of up to 220m and offers a continuous ride, meaning that you don’t have to drop the handle or get dunked in the water at each end of the course.

All elements of wakeboarding and wakeskating are possible with a System 2.0, by using a short line you can very easily learn all the cable air tricks, from Backrolls and Air Raleys to double S-Bends and switch mobes. The System 2.0 also offers the best way to hit rails and kickers, as no other towing device can give you the same amount of time on the obstacles. When you fall in you get picked up instantly and can try that trick again. The turns at each end are quicker than a boat, jet ski or lap of a full cable and allow you to hit the same rail over 30 times in a ten minute session!

How it Works
Two stanchions are setup with one anchor each and the overhead cables are strung between them over a lake, pool or any body of water. A quiet electric motor drives the cable. The carrier pulling the rope slows at one end and reverses direction rather than passing through a pulley. This makes a big difference for a couple of reasons. When the carrier slows, the rider can edge out from the cable, basically making a wide circle to keep tension on the rope, and continue riding. The carrier is supported by two vertically parallel overhead cables, as opposed to one cable running horizontally aligned in a circle. This gives riders a more consistent pull while retaining maximum cable tension. Better tension gives riders smoother rail rides and better ability to do air tricks. The turnaround is beginner level maneuver, so anyone can easily ride System 2.0. The System 2.0 also has an automatic mode, which allows you to set turn points and end limits, this makes it very safe and easy to operate as it eliminates driver error. No other cable system available offers the same options or flexibility.

One of the biggest advantages this system has, is that it’s built to be totally portable. System 2.0 can be broken down fast and moved for events and rail jams (it can fit in the back of a LWB van). This makes it the perfect tool for dealer demos, rail jams, and other pro events. Not only will you see the Systems traveling the country to these events, but the portability gives enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase their own system for private setups.

Water Needed
You need a stretch of water that is between 90m and 220m long and at least 30m wide. The recommended water depth is 1m but in certain circumstances you can go as low as 0.5m. The System 2.0 is fine for use in fresh water or salt water.

Who should use it?
System 2.0 Wake Parks: The System 2.0 can be used as a commercial money making tool to setup a Wake Park which is open to the general public. There are currently three of these in operation in the UK:
Blackpool Wake Park // Glasfryn Wake Parc // Go Wake // Fox Lake Adventures // Wake Up Brighton // Wake Up Docklands // South Coast H20

These parks use a System 2.0 as their only towing device, they cater for beginners to pro riders and charge £15 to £30 per hour, per person. These Wake Parks combine a System 2.0 with floating obstacles and the result is a very unique, useable and profitable businesses.

Boat Lakes: The System 2.0 can be installed into existing boat lakes just like the UK’s leading wakeboard club, Quayside Wake & Ski did in 2009. At The Quays they teach the British Team and often use the System 2.0 to help progress peoples riding, it is a training tool to learn. The costs to install a System 2.0 into an existing water sports business are minimal because the showers, changing rooms and booking office already exist, you just need the System 2.0. We all know the biggest cost for the boat lakes is the fuel for the boat, well the System 2.0 uses under 70p per hour of electricity! Your customers will stay on your site for longer and by including rails you are extending what you can offer. It is the perfect way to teach first timers. Adding a System 2.0 into a boat club lake will transform your balance sheet and your facilities.

Full Size Cable: The System 2.0 is the perfect teaching tool to sit alongside a full size cable. A full cable is not the easiest way to learn to ride, going from zero to over 20Kph in a second is not fun as a learner and certainly not easy. By having a System 2.0 running in tandem with a full cable allows beginners to learn easily and have more fun, the result of this is more return customers. Other added bonuses are smaller queues on the main cable as the beginners will be learning on the System 2.0, once the beginners arrive at the full cable they will already have stood up on a board and are used to a cable pull and feel, thus making it safer for all parties and more fun for them. Raley and air trick clinics can be run on the System 2.0 using short lines to get people understanding the technique required to do air tricks.

Private backyard Setups: If you happen to have a large pond or small lake in your garden then a System 2.0 is the ideal toy for personal use. You don’t need planning as it is a portable structure, you can just have hours of fun with your friends riding your own private rail park! This is what dreams are made of.

Advantages of using a System 2.0
Very low running costs - less than 70p per hour in electricity!
Environmentally Friendly
Extremely quiet - the motor is less than 55 decibels.
Easy to get planning - it is a portable system so planners like it.
Low setup costs - for under £22,000 you can be open to the public.
Great way to develop to a full size cable - The System 2.0 allows you to test the area to see if there is demand for a full cable.
Amazing for all standards of wakeboarders and wakeskaters

What Do The Pro Riders Think?
The System 2.0 has transformed wakeboarding for any professional athlete, with revolutionary events like Red Bull Wake Lap, Wake The Line, FISE and the Wakestock Pool Gaps, the concept of an event has been blown apart since the System 2.0 was introduced. Not only this but for the pro riders they have another tool to help them progress their riding, whether it be pro boat riders using the System 2.0 to learn cable style tricks or pro’s like Kevin Henshaw inventing new rail shapes only possible to hit with a System 2.0.

Our friends at the Wake Park Project in the USA have a made a series of videos called System 2.0 Sundays, in these videos they interview pro riders and show us just what they think of the System 2.0. Check all the videos out here

System 2.0 Examples
There are over 70 System 2.0’s setup and in operation around the world. Here are a few examples:
System 2.0’s that Tim Woodhead and Industry Wake Parks have setup

System 2.0’s around the world:
The Projects, Florida USA
WOW Wake Place, Nevada, USA
Manna Wake, California, USA
M2 Sports, Texas USA
Nordic Wake Park, Wisconsin, USA
Placid Wake Park, Michigan, USA
Texas MasterCraft Wake Park, Texas, USA
Third Coast Cables, Louisiana, USA
10K Wakes, Minnesota, USA
Boarders Pass, Ontario, Canada
Scotia Sessions Wakeboard Park, Nova Scotia, Canada
Pop Wake Rail Park, Montreal, Canada
Turncable, Germany
Blue Lagoon, Germany
Cables Wake Park, Australia